Microsoft doesnt want Halo Kinect

A Microsoft executive has claimed a Kinect version of Halo would defeat the point of the new Xbox device.

Microsoft’s senior director of global marketing for Xbox 360 Albert Penello told Industry Gamers he would prefer to see developers create a new type of shooter for the new controller, rather than shoe-horning motion controls into an established formula.

He also assured 360 fans that the company’s overly casual launch line-up is just the beginning and that core games will be on the way.

The first thing that comes to mind is the casual types of games, but I’d like to see what a first-person shooter would be on Kinect someday,” said Penello.

I don’t want to see Halo band-aided into Kinect because Halo is a controller game, and I think that would not be what we’re trying to achieve. I want to see what a new type of experience would be.

And you’re just seeing the first generation of stuff. [We”ll be] getting new types of genres, new types of customers and then continuing to serve the core with great games.”

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