Microsoft: Forget HD-DVD the future is digital distribution

Speaking to UK newspaper

The Guardian

, UK Xbox boss Neil Thompson has insisted that his company did not back the wrong horse when it supported Toshiba and its HD-DVD high definition disc format.

"The horse that we’re fundamentally backing is the one that says the future of entertainment content is online digital distribution,” he stated. I would argue that we backed the right horse.

"If we’re sitting here in 12 or 18 months time, we’ll be saying ‘why were people even thinking about a disc format when it’s really about digital distribution?’ Our strategy’s been developed for the last six or seven years, and ever since we launched the platform online content has been our big, big, big bet.

"This transition is much less significant than the transition from VHS to DVD. The fact that Sony are desperately trying to deliver an online offering means they probably understand that there’s another front they have to develop for."

The comments mirror remarks made by European VP of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Chris Lewis to MCV last month.

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