Microsoft: Gamers will accept NUads

Microsoft is confident that Kinect owners will come to accept the upcoming NUads, unfazed by early negative feedback.

The format holder announced its new Natural User-Interface Ads platform last week. The system allows consumers to interact with certain ads using Kinect – something that aggravated the Xbox 360 fanbase.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Xbox senior product manager David Dennis said that Microsoft is watching the consumer response very closely, but still believes in the unique nature of NUads.

I think the advertising we do on the platform right now is done in a smart way and that it’s consistent,” he said.

We’ve gradually rolled out different advertising programmes and options for people over time. While initially people tend to react to them [negatively], they do get comfortable with them and understand that they’re typically very brand-appropriate and content-appropriate for the types of folks who are on the other side of the TV screen.

We’ve had advertising all the way back on the 360, including in-game advertising, so I think, just as we’ve innovated and updated the Xbox experience with Kinect, we’re looking at ways we can continue to innovate and do unique things that we think are done in ways in which people are comfortable with.”

He went on to add that consumer acceptance for NUads will grow when Microsoft explains its plans for the system at a later date.

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