Microsoft: Gamerscore reset problem resolved

An error that caused gamers to lose their Xbox Live achievements and Gamerscores has now been fixed, Microsoft says.

Yesterday hundreds of Xbox 360 owners had reported that their Gamerscore had been reset to 0, while their gameplay history and specific achievements had seemingly disappeared.

Microsoft says this was due to "an unexpected issue with data migration made between 1.30pm and 2.30pm GMT, and has been remedied," reports Vox Games.

The platform holder has advised users experiencing the problem to log out and sign back in to their Xbox Live profile.

"We believe the issue should be resolved,” a Microsoft rep said on the official Xbox Forums. If you’re missing achievements, please try signing out of Xbox Live, then sign back in. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, then you will need to re-download your profile. Please note that this will remove any achievements you might have earned since the issue began. However, they can be re-earned."

Microsoft says any achievements that were lost or weren’t saved during the outage will be restored within 24 hours. This means everything should be back to normal by around 2.30pm this afternoon.

Microsoft recently confirmed it’s upped the cap for the number of Gamerpoints that downloadable Xbox Live titles can offer to gamers.

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