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Microsoft has finally added language support information to the Xbox Store

After many years of complaints, Microsoft has finally added language support information to the Xbox Store. It’s a hugely overdue step, and it’s only the first step at that, but non-english speakers can finally find out whether their native language is supported.

The new feature, thanks to Windows Central for the directions, isn’t as obvious as we’d like, having been added additionally after the fairly recent total revamp. You have to scroll down to details and then it’s under highlights.

That said, once there, you do get a comprehensive table with supported languages and whether they’re supported in the interface, audio and/or subtitles.

While the Xbox brand has always fared well in the US and UK, it has struggled in many other regions around the world compared to its key rival. Which made teh ongoing omission of such information in its store even more puzzling and problematic.

At present only a few titles look to have the language information. For example Gears 5 (pictured shows support for 15 languages) while Yakuza: Like a Dragon, has no language support information, despite obviously being available in Japanese.

The big question is whether Microsoft will start requesting the information for all new titles, and how pro-active it is in getting existing, recent titles updated as well.

We’d strongly recommend that developers and publishers do update the information on the store as soon as that’s possible. We’ve reached out to Microsoft to clarify the process.

The next step down this path will be to provide a search function in teh store based on language support. Although Mcirosoft will want a hefty number of titles updated with the correct options before it offers that.

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