Microsoft has unannounced Kinect games in the works

Kinect may have been totally absent from Microsoft’s excellent E3 presentation, but the company says that software is still in development for the machine.

Xbox’s general manager of global games publishing Shannon Loftis told Polygon that not only is the device still coming to Windows 10, but also that unannounced Kinect games are currently in development internally at Microsoft.

"It’s still an option for gamers and it still powers what’s special about how you can navigate the dashboard," she said. "They wanted a choice and they got a choice. It’s still a going concern. More creators than you might expect are now engaging with Kinect for Xbox One."

The first Xbox One SKU to go on sale without bundling the motion camera arrived a little over a year ago. The company recently permanently cut the price of its entry-level 299.99 and introduced a 349.99 1TB model – neither of which include Kinect.

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