Microsoft hunts Xbox Live scammers

Microsoft has taken steps to identify users who used an exploit to duplicate Xbox Live points codes and illegally download content with them.

Yesterday it was reported that some Xbox 360 owners had used the technique to stockpile points for free instead of paying for them legitimately.

Microsoft has said it is now tracking down the scammers after invalidating the duplicate codes and will take appropriate enforcement” upon them.

We are aware of the situation and have taken steps to invalidate the codes obtained illegitimately,” read a Microsoft statement sent to Gamasutra.

We take safety and security very seriously and require that Xbox Live members use the service in compliance with applicable laws and specifically prohibit people from engaging in illegal activity as a part of our terms of use and code of conduct.

"Our Policy and Enforcement team is evaluating whether or not certain individuals have violated the terms of use for Xbox Live and will take the appropriate enforcement on an individual basis. Codes obtained legitimately by users will not be impacted.”

Microsoft also said that the reported $1.2m amount it had lost over the scam was false.

We can’t share specific numbers, but the figure is nowhere near the amount that has been reported,” the statement added.

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