MICROSOFT: Kinect Fun Labs goes live

Microsoft is launching new motion-sensing software Kinect Fun Labs today.

The title was announced by Kinect mastermind Kudo Tsunoda during Microsoft’s E3 press conference and has been inspired by the enhancements that other developers have brought to Microsoft’s motion controller.

"Developers of all sizes have delivered new experiences on the platform," said Tsunoda. "Many could only be experienced on the web, but not any more. "Kinect Fun Labs allows you to check out the best innovations on Kinect."

The game will be available today on the Xbox Live dashboard and is available to all xbox live members.

Three key examples of the features available include photo recognition, Kinect finger tracking and object capture.

Photo recognition allows users to generate a new avatar based on themselves by scanning their head, and then their clothing.

Kinect finger tracking does what it says on the tin: tracks movements of individual fingers. In the demo shown, a Microsoft developer was able to draw a line around a 3D photo of himself, weaving a line of fire behind and in front of the image with his fingers.

Finally, object capture allows users to scan in any real-life object and then control it on the screen. The demonstration showed a woman scanning in a stuffed animal then animating it with her own motions.

Other users suggested included scanning in cars and skateboards for us in racing and sports games.

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