Dimension features a state of the art capture setup with the purpose of creating immersive MR imagery

Microsoft Mixed Reality capture studio opens in London

Hammerhead VR and Microsoft have partnered to open a new motion capture studio in London. Dimension will be producing images for 3D capture and volumetric video with the express purpose of being used in virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences and games.

The studio is the first to have an officially licensed mixed reality capture setup from Microsoft. Working with the Mixed Reality Capture Studio in the US, this will allow people to capture motion for mixed reality projects across all media avenues like TV, Film and education as well as gaming.

At present, Microsoft has one gaming title that uses Mixed Reality capture – Halo Recruit, developed with 343 Industries. But the studio can be used to capture imagery for 2D immersive experiences as well, according to the sizzle reel produced by Dimension.

The studio is based in Wimbledon, South London has a volumetric video stage for performance capture and another stage specifically for character and head capture. It also offers environment creation and can create virtual worlds using either Unreal or Unity engines.

The studio previously has produced trailers for Sky and worked on bullet time effects in adverts for clients such as Nike.

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