Microsoft: ‘PC is critical to us’

Microsoft would never dream of exiting the PC games space.

That’s the message from European Xbox boss Chris Lewis, following the announcements of Microsoft Flight and Age of Empires Online at Gamescom.

Early last year, Microsoft closed PC developers Ensemble (creators of Age of Empires) and ACES (the studio behind Microsoft Flight Simulator).

But the Redmond-based giant insists it has no intention on turning its back on its original platform.

"PC is huge," said Lewis in an interview with MCV.

"Our heritage is on PC. When you think about Flight Simulator, I’ve been at Microsoft 21 years – that game is older than me. I remember demoing the game at Softeach in 1989.

"PC is such a part and parcel of what Microsoft is associated with. So it’s great to be here to talk about Microsoft Flight and Age of Empires. Age of Empires is a huge franchise – especially in Germany – 20 million sold in its life with 13 iterations.

"So be able to bring these games into a new decade is just fabulous to us.

"PC is a critical platform for us."

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