New features coming in Windows 10 Creator Update

Microsoft reveal new streaming and eSports possibilities coming to Xbox Live

Microsoft has revealed that advanced eSports options and integrated streaming will be coming to Xbox Live on Windows 10.

The new functionality was revealed during a two hour Windows event, which also revealed it’ll be coming during the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update for the platform.

The integrated streaming will be coming from Microsoft’s new streaming service Beam, with the company no doubt hoping to compete with bigger streaming services by making it easier for people to use. Streaming will be nearly instant, accessible via the new Game Bar, which is accessible by pressing the windows button and hitting the G key.

Supposedly Beam will also be packaged with a custom streaming interface that will make stream management easier for novices, and this tech will also be including on the Xbox One, meaning that if you’ve got a decent internet connection and a Microsoft product, you can probably get streaming on Beam.

But wait, there’s more. The Xbox Arena, which Microsoft originally used for just a handful of basic tournaments, is being expanded with the Creators Update to allow any user to create and manage a tournament, which opens up new possibilities for eSports to be opened up on the platform, if it catches on.

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