Microsoft reveals Xbox One Fallout 4 hardware bundle

Microsoft has announced there will be an Xbox One hardware bundle featuring the upcoming Fallout 4.

The bundle will set consumers back 369.99, and features a 1TB console, as well as a controller and download codes for both Bethesda’s upcoming apocalyptic RPG title, as well as a download for Fallout 3.

Both the console and the controller are ‘custom-designed’ but Xbox does not provide any details as to what this will actually entail.

This will hit stores on November 10th, the same day that Fallout 4 comes out.

In addition, the platform holder has also announced a ‘Kinect’ bundle that features a 500GB console on top of download codes for Kinect Sports Rival, Zoo Tycoon, Dance Central Spotlight. This will be available from October 19th.

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