Microsoft shipped 2.4m Xbox consoles in its last quarter

2.4m Xbox consoles were shipped to retail in the quarter ending September 30th.

Microsoft’s initial wording appeared to suggest that the number represented consoles sold to consumers, but it has since been confirmed that this is not the case.

It has not been specified how many of that number were Xbox Ones. Still, it’s an excellent jump from the 1.2m Xbox consoles shipped to retail in the same quarter last year in the run-up to the launch of Xbox One.

Xbox group revenue for the period is up 58 per cent year-on-year. Overall revenues at Microsoft’s Device and Consumer division climbed 47 per cent to $10.96bn.

Xbox One launched in several new territories in the period, with the Chinese launch reportedly proving to be a big success, even if Japan has been a different story.

While we know that PS4 sales to consumers had hit 10m as per the start of August, the most recent specific Xbox One number from Microsoft was issued way back in April when it said it had shipped 5m units to retail.

There have been good signs for the console since, however, including some impressive sales weeks in the UK and reported jumps following the dropping of Kinect in the US.

However, silence speaks volumes and Microsoft’s unwillingness to release concrete numbers forces everyone to conclude that it still trails far behind its rival.

Estimates suggest that PS4 is enjoying an approximate 3-to-1 sales advantage.

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