Microsoft ‘testing a variety of prototype Xbox devices’

A revamped PS4 seems inevitable. Whether Microsoft has a similar plan for Xbox One remains a matter for debate, but another source has said that’s exactly what’s happening.

The Verge reports that sources close to Microsoft reckon the platform holder has been testing a variety of prototype Xbox devices”, and that some of these prototypes boast upgraded components you’d use to improve the performance of a PC gaming rig”. That likely means a CPU, GPU or RAM upgrade – or in other words, an Xbox 1.5.

Since the start of 2016, rumours have run wild about new and more powerful iterations of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In March,Phil Spencer hinted at console hardware upgrades for this gen of hardware. Since, he hasdistanced himself from his commentsand event went as far tosay as he was not a fan of the ‘Xbox 1.5′ idea, instead preferring a move forwards in ‘big numbers’, i.e. a new machine altogether.

It’s now starting to feel like a very real possibility that we could see three brand new consoles at E3. PS4 Neo, Xbox Two and Nintendo NX would certainly make it a show to remember.

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