Microsoft to announce new Halo tonight?

Aside from the known appearance of Tony Hawk and the possibility of a Wii-rivalling Xbox 360 motion-tech reveal, word is spreading of a possible new Halo game making its debut at Microsoft’s E3 showcase at 18:25 tonight.

CVG reports that users of Halo developer Bungie’s forum have spotted reference to something called Halo: Reach in one of the site’s drop-down menus.

It could be absolutely nothing. It could be some sort of community art project. But it could, just could, be a surprise new Halo title to compliment the upcoming FPS Halo: ODST.

And with Microsoft seemingly set to show-off its brand new 360 gesture control, could the ‘Reach’ part of the title mean that the Halo universe is about to ditch the joypad? Check back here at 18:25 to find out.

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