Microsoft issues challenge to Apple with iPad rival

Microsoft unveils Surface tablet

Microsoft has revealed its new tablet at a press event in L.A. Today.

Opening with a brief summary of Windows 8 and Microsoft’s history as a software company, Steve Ballmer pointed to the many successfull hardware innovations pushed by the company, and said that the future lay in the synergy of hardware and software.

The Surface will function with "all Windows 8 apps", allowing users to play games through the Windows store.

Branding the tablet as a mobile PC, Microsoft has unveiled a full multitouch keyboard for the device, a built-in kickstand and full Microsoft office functionality.

In addition, the Surface comes with a stylus that allows users to edit text with digital ink, and magnetizes to the side of the tablet for storage.

There are a variety of models to choose from, and customers can pick a tactile or multitouch keyboard as well.

The device will be available in 32 and 64 GB models.

The Surface for Windows Pro uses a third generation Intel i5 processor that uses less power than current mobile models, and Microsoft claims the tablet boasts higher specs than "most current high-range ultrabooks".

No released date was announced, and Microsoft said only that the device would be priced competitively with ARM models.

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