Microsoft ups 360’s internal memory

With the Jasper iteration of the Xbox 360’s innards now well and truly out in the market, it transpires that Microsoft has now sneaked a bit of extra memory onto the motherboard’s architecture.

When the Japser iteration of the Xbox 360 (identifiable by the 150w power rating on the box’s serial number) first arrived in late 2008 it came with 256MB of on-board memory.

Rumours of a memory upgrade to 512MB first emerged earlier in the week, and now Microsoft has confirmed to Eurogamer that 512MB is now the internal 360 standard.

We want to offer consumers a bit more memory at the same low price so they can enjoy more experiences on Xbox Live,” a spokesperson stated.

The Xbox 360 system software uses some of the included 512MB memory – less storage will be available to users. Additional storage may be needed for game saves, Xbox Live Arcade games, content downloads, personal file storage, and additional enhanced functionality.

A hard drive is recommended for Live, and is required for some features.”

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