Microsoft: We own 42% of all next-gen revenues

Microsoft has staked its claim as the market leader in the console space with two bold claims this morning – not least that it has taken over 40 per cent of ‘life-to-date’ revenue across hardware, games and peripherals sales.

In addition, the firm has confirmed a whopping 17.7 million global installed base of the console – and set its sights on many more with today’s price cut.

The platform holder has also released figures that indicate it has the highest software attach rate of any system, with over seven games sold per console.

The Xbox 360 was first released in November 2005 in North America. Nintendo’s Wii followed in North and South America a year later – the same month in which Sony’s PS3 was launched in Japan.

VP of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Europe Chris Lewis told MCV:

We had to reach and surpass key milestones [before we dropped 360’s UK price]. We had to get to let a level of momentum that we’ve now achieved:

We’ve taken 42 per cent revenue share of next gen-games market – including hardware, peripherals and software, as well as the stunning performance of Live.

We’re consistently attaching games at high level – we’re now at north of seven games to every console. That’s considerably more than our competitors and something we’re immensely proud of.

On top of that, we’ve worked our way to a 17.7 million units worldwide installed base – and Europe is a critical geography within that figure. The ability to continually drive cost through the console is what has allowed us to open up the price of the system now.”

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