Microsoft: ‘We’re betting on UWP’

Speaking at Unite Europe, senior product planner Alex Teodorescu-Badia told a room full of developers that Microsoft will continue to advocate ‘openness’ in UWP.

UWP has sparked heated backlash from the development community over its alleged closed nature, with Epic Games co-founder Tim Sweeney condemning the platform to ‘death’ unless it ‘opens up’.

One of the reasons I’m here is to, as a company, commit us to this idea that if there are barriers to openness, that we will overcome them,”Teodorescu-Badia vowed. If you’re looking at the future of hardware, the whole family is really betting on this developing, it’s really betting on the future of the Universal Windows Platform.

So if you’re wonder what the best way to be prepared from day one is, no matter what’s next, the best way to do it is to know [that your game is compatible with UWP]. Because that is what Microsoft is betting on, and it is what we know for a fact will be available and moving forward to deploy, whatever comes next.”

Develop has the full story.

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