Tech 'could be developed into a next generation game console'

Microsoft’s Illumiroom turns living room into game

Microsoft’s IllumiRoom tech will turn the living room into part of the game experience, state new details on the project.

Microsoft said the technology would act as a coffee table projector, displaying the game image beyond the TV screen, and will be compatible with next-gen consoles.

In a paper for the CHI conference in Paris, the computing giant stated that images displayed outside of the constraints of the TV screen will be displayed in low-resolution instead of the usual high-definition for the user’s peripheral vision.

The document also states that the project will recognise the uneven surfaces surrounding the TV, such as furniture and wallpaper, and will use this information to “create novel, interactive visual experiences”.

It also suggests the concept “could be developed into a next generation game console with game content designer from the ground up”, or that it could be utilised as an add-on for existing consoles, with users able to write scripts for modding games.

IllumiRoom was first disclosed as CES earlier this year, with the aim of creating a more immersive gaming experience. You can watch the video below.

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