Users can interact with virtual world in physical space

Microsoft’s RoomAlive transforms living room into augmented reality game

Microsoft has unveiled a new proof-of-concept prototype that aims to turn the living room into an augmented reality game.

The tech projects a virtual environment across the room which the user can interact with, whether through touch, shooting and avoiding.

RoomAlive works by using projectors and depth camera units that automatically calibrate, localise and create a model of the room. Projections of the game are then displayed across the floor and walls, as well as various objects.

The technology is similar to Microsoft’s Illumiroom prototype, announced last year. This worked by expanding the player’s field of view beyond the TV to the entire wall, with the aim of increasing immersion.

Microsoft later admitted however that the Illumiroom tech would be too expensive for a consumer release.

You can view a video of RoomAlive in action below.

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