Milo set for Natal return

We may not have seen the last of Microsoft’s infamous Natal demo character Milo, judging by recent comments from the creative director of Microsoft Game Studios Peter Molyneux.

I was very, very tight about what was actually being said about Milo and not being said about Milo,” Molyneux told IncGamers. I think it did its job.

It made people look around and say ‘How could you make a game out of a character like Milo?’ And I think that question is still out there – I’m just not allowed to answer it.

I might hint – Milo is a character in a bigger and more dramatic story that we’re telling.”

Milo shot to fame after becoming a key component of Microsoft’s Natal unveiling at last year’s E3. A tech-demo featuring the young boy was able to communicate and interact with attendees in an impressively life-like manner.

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