Minecraft looks to be tunnelling its way to Wii U

It seems as if the long-awaited debut of Minecraft on Nintendo hardware is upon us.

Neogaf spotted a listing on the PEGI site for ‘Minecraft: Wii U Edition’. It’s the first ever mention of a Wii U port, but it seems likely that we’ll hear more tonight on Nintendo’s impromptu Nintendo Direct broadcast scheduled for tonight.

With sales of Wii U still uninspiring and attentions mostly focused on its still mysterious successor the NX, a Wii U port comes as somewhat of a surprise.

Saying that, Nintendo remains some of the only hardware on the planet without a version of the world-conquering game and there seems to a be a natural cross-over of audiences thanks to Minecraft’s popularity with kids.

Does the game’s arrival on Wii U also open the door to a possible 3DS port? The game already has touchscreen mechanics in the bag thanks to its success on smartphones and tablets so again, this seems like a fairly natural move.

Tonight’s Direct will be the first sinceSatoru Iwata passed away as a result of cancer of the bile duct in July of this year.

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