Minecraft price increases come into effect next week

The good news is that there are probably not that many people left who haven’t already bought the game.

With sales in excess of 70m units, Minecraft is one of the world’s biggest games. But if you’re yet to grab yourself a copy, you might want to do so before Monday.

Mojang has said that Minecraft’s price is going up in a handful of territories. There’s no change in the UK, US or China, but regions such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland and Russia will see price hikes come into effect next week.

Money, eh? When it’s in your pocket it seems constant in value, but when you start comparing it to coins in pockets around the world, it seems to be worth more or less than before,” the developer said.

That’s currency in a nutshell. That’s economics. It’s very boring. Anyway, in the spirit of currency exchange, we’re changing the prices of Minecraft in different regions so they align with the United States Dollar. The new prices will take effect on May 23rd.”

The price increases apply to the Java PC version. There is no price change for the PC Windows 10 version, console, handheld or smartphone releases.

Mojang owner Microsoft last week confirmed a price increase for Xbox Live Gold subscriptions in some regions.

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