Minecraft shots revealed

PC hit Minecraft has been given the alcoholic drinks treatment by gaming caf Loading.

The Cornwall-based company – which was nominated for the Star Store MCV Award earlier this year – produced the themed drink set using 81 shot glasses and 162 measures of alcohol.

It’s been built as a ‘fan piece’ in conjunction with Mojang and Microsoft to demonstrate the kind of promotional activity Loading can come up with.

Minecraft creator Notch says he loves” the drinks Loading has created.

And although the shots won’t be sold to the general public, Loading’s owner James Dance says he is happy to recreate it if someone can afford to buy 81 double shooters – which cost around 162.

He told MCV: We thought it was a great way for us to celebrate the release of Minecraft on the Xbox 360 and show we’re not just about gaming cocktails in the conventional sense.

We can also create pieces that are title or event specific.”

The shots were made from Kahlua, a thin layer of Baileys, Midori, Blue Curacao and mixers such as rum, pineapple juice and Sambuca.

Loading has appeared at several games events selling coffee and alcoholic themed drinks. It created the ‘Deus Ex on the Beach’ cocktail last year.

Minecraft has been downloaded over 5m times on PC worldwide to date. It is available to download on Xbox 360 from Wednesday, May 9th, for 1,600 Microsoft Points.

More images of the Minecraft shots can be viewed on the Loading website.

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