Educational game MolCraft being trialled in London

Minecraft used to teach children chemistry in schools

A team of students and a lecturer at Hull University are using Minecraft to help teach children molecular chemistry.

As reported by the BBC, the pupils, with the support of biological chemistry senior lecturer Mark Lorch and Minecraft “expert” Joel Mills, are using the game to study molecular structures and the building blocks of chemistry. Lorch said games like Minecraft were a great way to engage children in their studies.

The educational version of the game features treasure chests dotted around the landscape, containing puzzles and quiz books as well as other goodies.

"Some are easy to find, others are fiendishly difficult,” said Lorch. “If you locate them all then you’ll probably have learned a fair bit of chemistry on the way."

The game, titled MolCraft, is being trialled in secondary schools in London, and is also available on Minecraft’s educational library.

The Yorkshire Post has also previously reported Mills is using Minecraft to teach other subjects too, including history, archaeology and business management.

You can view a video of MolCraft in action below. More information is also available on the Hull University website.

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