Mirror’s Edge sells 2.5m copies

DICE’s first-person action platformer Mirror’s Edge has sold 2.5m copies to date, according to EA’s Patrick Soderlund.

Soderland revealed the figure to CVG during a discussion on how the game’s upcoming reboot is only possible with the advancement into next-gen hardware.

I’ll be honest with you: we’ve been looking at Mirror’s Edge for many years and had small prototype teams and incubations around what it could be,” Soderland said. But it wasn’t until Sara Jansson, who is now the producer on it, came to me and called Karl-Magnus Troedsson and said, ‘listen, I have an idea for what this could be’. She presented a vision so inspiring that we were like, ‘we have to build this now’.”

The interesting part is that it was a game that could only be built in gen 4 and that was cool. I liked that because what they’re doing, it’s not possible on the current generation.”

Soderland explained that EA always considered Mirror’s Edge a high-priority IP that would eventually get a follow-up, adding that the company expects the prequel to sell significantly better than the original was able to.

We sold about 2.5 million units with Mirror’s Edge and people haven’t even blinked at it – like, ‘of course we’re going to make a new Mirror’s Edge’. The whole company has been behind it.”

Of course we think that this will be successful, that people will love it and that we’re going to sell a lot more than we did with the first one. A lot of times you’ve got to follow your gut and your heart rather than looking at everything that necessarily made sense on paper. I think that our fans are pleased to hear that and I’m glad that I work for a company that can give us that opportunity, frankly.”

The new Mirror’s Edge is currently in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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