But Nintendo icon to pass on more responsibility to younger designers

Miyamoto job update: ‘Nothing has changed’

Shigeru Miyamoto will not be leaving his position at Nintendo or retiring from the console giant.

Miyamoto said that his previous interview last week, in which he said he would be returning to grass-roots development, had been mistranslated.

"Nothing has changed, and nothing will be changed in the near future as to my role inside of the company," he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Miyamoto will continue overseeing development of Nintendo titles, but admitted he would like to see younger designers take on more responsibility and would delegate accordingly.

He stated however that despite not leaving the console giant, he still wanted to develop new games, hinting at a new ip created with a small team.

"Whenever we try to create something brand new, we have to start from a very small, capable team," he said.

"When a big company is trying to do something really new, it’s not a good idea for many people to work on it from the start."

On what the brand new title might be, he said that until Nintendo was ready to commercialise it, it was not something that could be disclosed.

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