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Mobile studio ZeptoLab launches publishing division

Mobile outfit ZeptoLab, the studio behind games Cut The Rope and King of Thieves, quietly launched their publishing operations a year ago, accepting a handful of submissions and outlining the possibilities with whispered conversations and oh-so-furtive glances across crowded games events.

The secrecy is over however, and ZeptoLab has now officially entered the publishing business with a cry for any and all developers interested in being published to submit their games. Their new publishing division is open for submissions from anywhere on the globe.

As part of the publishing deal, ZeptoLab is looking to offer marketing and promotional support for developers, in addition to advice during the final stages of development, playtesting and localisation help and assistance with the PR and community aspects of launching a game. They’ve also pledged long-term support for games, that involves announcing new updates, managing player feedback and more assistance.

For Mike Sviblov, Zeptolab’s head of publisher, a personalised approach is key.

"First of all, no submission is left ignored," he said in a statement. "We try to review every game, even if it doesn’t quite meet the criteria, and help developers identify problems and potential hidden strengths. The stage of development is important: the more finished the game is, the more chances it has of being published."

Zeptolab are currently looking for titles to launch on iOS, Android and Amazon. Find out more and submit your game at the company’s website

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