MOH gunning for COD

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the inspiration behind EA’s decision to set the next Medal of Honor title in the modern day – and boss John Riccitiello has now openly spoke about his desire to topple Activision’s Call of Duty from atop of the FPS hierarchy.

I’m not saying it’s going to happen tomorrow,” Riccitiello told Kotaku. But in the way that Activision sort of alternates sequels of Modern Warfare and Call of Duty and owns the leadership position in FPS between Medal of Honor and Battlefield – I want it back.

And we’re going to get there with innovation and quality.”

That’s not to say, of course, that Ricciello thinks Modern Warfare 2 is a bad game. Far from it.

I think the Infinity Ward guys are great,” he admitted. It’s not about them being bad for us having to be great too. I’m a fan of a lot of our competitors’ products. But if you’ve played Modern Warfare, and you’ve played the first one — and you’ve played the last Call of Duty — it’s sort of starting to feel like they’re making the same game again.

Riccitiello was also keen to stress the belief he has in the publisher’s upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

The first Bad Company did very well in its first outing,” he added. The next one is a heck of a lot better and it looks like a worthy competitor to Modern Warfare. We think we’ve got an advantage over Modern Warfare 2 with our multiplayer. The guys at DICE do that really, really well.

Frankly, once you get past, sort of, four people on a map, I think our gameplay is better.”

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