Molyneux hopes for new Syndicate title

Though we’re no closer to knowing whether or not EA’s long-rumoured Syndicate revamp is actually in the works, the series’ original creator has said he’d love to get involved with the mystery project.

Speaking to CVG, current Microsoft Game Studios boss and the founder of Syndicate developer Bullfrog Peter Molyneux confessed:

"It’s a great feeling to see something you’ve created still have life or meaning. But my first thought is ‘I wish I could just spend a day with them saying what I thought was really special about Syndicate, or another title for that matter’.

"They’re smart people and I’m sure they’ll work it out. But it’s like a parent watching their kid grow up and do something with their life – you still want to be a little bit involved.

"There’s been a Populous DS. That was okay, it didn’t do brilliantly. Again, I wish I had ten minutes with them at the start."

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