'He can do all this stuff, he can be that free - you couldn't do that with the corporate PR machine at Microsoft'

Molyneux: Molydeux another reason I left Microsoft

Parody twitter account Peter Molydeux is one of the reasons industry luminary Peter Molyneux left Microsoft, the former Lionhead boss has claimed.

Speaking at Rezzed, as reported by Eurogamer, Molyneux said that whilst the parody account of him was able to express numerous game ideas, however ridiculous, he was too restricted to express his own creativity at Microsoft.

He blamed the corporate PR Machine at the electronics giant as one of the reasons he couldn’t explore such ideas.

"He’s another reason why I left Microsoft," said Molyneux.

"I have to tell you, he is. He was out there, and I was watching and laughing at his tweets probably harder than anyone. This guy, he can do all this stuff, he can be that free, he can explore these ideas like throwing babies into pits – you couldn’t do that with the corporate PR machine at Microsoft.

"I think he’s fantastic, and I’d love to see some of those ideas turned into games. I hope he goes on going for a long time."

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