UK development legend calls for Canada-style tax breaks

Molyneux slams â??crazyâ?? UK Govt on taxes

Peter Molyneux is outraged that the UK government does little to support the video game industry.

“I’ve been saying this for years; it is just crazy that the British government does not recognise the games industry as a creative industry in the way it recognises others,” said the MGS Europe Creative Director.

Molyneux spoke to The Telegraph during Microsoft’s X10 event, and quickly moved to the issue of development tax breaks.

“There are very simple things that Canada does that they’ve proven are financially sensible that Britain could do to encourage people to use them as a creative centre.” He said.

“Because the British are very creative people and it’s frustrating that we don’t get that.”

Molyneux also seemed unimpressed that Westminster is upping its engagement with the industry.

“There has been a lot of listening going on for 15 years,” he said.

Fellow UK development legend David Braben has in the past two years been campaigning for game development tax breaks for the UK.

Braben reflected wider industry fears that the UK could – in terms of headcount – soon fall to sixth in the global game development league.

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