Moore: People see Online Pass as a plus

Publisher EA has once again defended its use of the Online Pass system in its console-based sports titles.
It’s a tactic that has provoked some debate, but Moore believes the arguments have died down and that the benefits are clear.

As we speak, because the FIFA 11’s only just come out, pretty much everyone that owns FIFA, is getting extra digital content simply for registering their code,” he told MCV in an exclusive interview.

Going forward, anyone that doesn’t have that code, as you know, we ask them for $10 to open up this huge world that we’re literally spending millions and millions of dollars building. I think Online Pass is just there now, the monstrous majority of people buying the games are getting something for free that they weren’t getting last year. People see it as a plus, I think.”

MCV’s full interview with Peter Moore will appear online later today, or can be read in this week’s MCV magazine.

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