Studio loses three staff to Ngmoco Sweden since September

More Crytek staff quit for smartphone publisher

The game director of Crytek’s in development Kinect title Ryse has quit the studio after ten years to join ngmoco Sweden.

Tony Davis, who joins the smartphone publisher as senior designer, has previously worked on titles such as Crysis 1 and 2 as producer and level designer.

The digital firm has also taken Crytek’s former art director Vesselin Efremov, who left the developer just last month. He will take on the role of senior artist at ngmoco.

The recently opened Sweden studio has plans to grow to eight staff members by January.

"Artists with vision and practical skills are very hard to find," said Ngmoco Sweden GM Ben Cousins on Twitter.

"Vesselin is one of the best candidates I’ve interviewed for this type of role."

Cousins, former studio head at EA Easy, began work at the ngmoco’s new Sweden base earlier this year, with plans to build content for Dena’s social gaming platform Mobage.

In September, the publisher hired former Crytek senior development director Senta Jakobsen as the second employee at the new studio after Cousins.

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