More digital Dead Rising on the way

Speaking at its ongoing Tokyo Game Show press conference, publisher Capcom has confirmed that a second downloadable Dead Rising game is on the way, and will also be exclusive to Xbox 360.

Called Dead Rising 2: Case West, the game will star Frank West, the popular protagonist from the first game in the series. And unlike the recently released prologue Case Zero, this new release will be an epilogue to the events depicted in the main game.

Speaking of Case Zero, Capcom has also announced that sales of the game have now passed 500,000 downloads – not bad considering that the 300,000 sales barrier was only passed last week.

The success of the digital titles bodes well for the upcoming release of Dead Rising 2 on Xbox 360 and PS3 September 24th.

In fact, Capcom is so confident that it has also confirmed the purchase of the game’s developer Blue Castle, which will now be known as Capcom Games Studio Vancouver.

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