More Ouya sales numbers revealed to mixed response from devs

A number of new devs have revealed the sales numbers for their Ouya games and the reaction can best be described as mixed.

Organ Trail by studio The Men Who Wear Many Hats has according to creator Ryan Wiemeyer sold about half of what my low-end predictions were” Gamasutra reports. Specifically, it has so far been downloaded 13,112 times resulting in 501 purchases. The game has elsewhere sold in the region of 400,000 copies.

Bombball creator E McNeill told the site that his game is making a little over” $30 a day before Ouya takes its cut. I kind of knew from the start that I was making a game that would be difficult to sell,” he admits. Still, I let my expectations get inflated over time, and now I’m a little disappointed with the sales.”

However, other devs were more positive.

Vlambeer’s Super Crate Box is selling exactly what we expected” according to Rami Ismail, who added that judging by some of the numbers we’ve been hearing from other developers it seems a viable platform to co-develop for”.

BombSquad’s Eric Froemling says he is happy so far” with sales which peaked at close to” 200 per day and are currently sitting at around 70. He added: It sounds like everyone’s been seeing a bit of a sales drop after the initial few-week surge, so I’m curious to see what the tail will wind up looking like.”

Get On Top’s Shay Pierce says his game has had 9,700 downloads and 520 sales earning $728 to date after Ouya’s cut.

Yesterday two of Ouya’s leading games revealed sales of 2,000 (TowerFall) and 122 (NimbleBit) respectively.

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