Most read stories of 2013: 11-20

GAME’s Christmas Tinner and Resident Evil’s return to its horror roots. The 11th to 20th most read stories of 2013.

20.Minecraft for PS3 creeps toward release

Mojang teased that a version of their bestselling construction game would be heading to PlayStation 3. Of course, it eventually come out on December 18th.

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19.GAME introduces… a tinned Christmas dinner for gamers

In a weird twist of fate, GAME announced it was releasing the ‘Christmas tinner’ – a can with every aspect of a Christmas dinner in, sprouts and all.

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18.Capcom: Resident Evil 6 felt bloated, Resident Evil 7 will return to survival horror roots

Following poor reception to its latest Resident Evil title, Capcom said the series would go back to survival horror, citing The Last of Us as proof the genre is still alive.

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17.Nvidia GTX 790 tipped for 2013 release; GeForce 800 series out in Q1 2014?

Rumours pointed to the release of GeForce 800 series in 2014.

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16.PC now the UK’s fastest growing games platform

Trade body UKIE unveiled information the number of boxed and digital games being sold, revealing that PC was the fastest growing platform.

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15.Microsoft to spill Xbox 720 beans this week?

Prior toMicrosoft’s FY2014 Event, it was rumoured that the publisher would unveil their next console to the attendees. The Xbox One would not be revealed to the public until May 21st at E3.

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14. Capcom reveals first ever blood swimming pool

To promote the launch of Resident Evil: Revelations on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC, Capcom planned to open a blood swimming pool, with floats in the form of human remains. The publisher canceled this event due to the tragic incident in Woolwich.

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13.The collapse of THQ: The full story

In January, the king of mid-tier publishing, THQ, closed.

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12.Vita/PS4 ‘Ultimate’ bundle in-bound this year

As well as the PS4 console and game bundles, Sony released a PS4 and Vita bundle with a 2.5m advertising campaign behind the venture.

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11.PS4 and Xbox One’s AMD Jaguar CPU examined

Rock Paper Shotgun got its hands on one of the CPUs at the heart of the next-gen consoles and their conclusions were depressing to say the least.

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