Most read stories of 2013: 41-50

MCV starts its look at the 50 most read stories of 2013 with numbers 41 to 50.

50. Xbox One to drop online check-in requirement – and backs pre-owned games

Following vocal feedback from consumers about Xbox One’s controversial policies – including online check-in – Microsoft backed up on its policies.

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49.Take-Two: Xbox One and PS4 won’t hurt GTA V sales

While Sony and Microsoft were concerned about GTA damaging their sales, Take-Two were on hand to assure that GTA would be just fine.

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48.Microsoft courting Sky to sell Xbox One as set-top-box?

Sky never went on to sell Microsoft’s console, but was committed to ‘longstanding partnership’ with Xbox.

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47. New ‘Xbox 720 leak’ says it is "Always On, Always Connected" – will only install from optical discs

Prior to the Xbox One announcement, there were many whispers about what it would and would not do.

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46.HMV store closures: The list in full

Earlier this year, HMV went into administration. Here are the list of stores that were to be closed. Ultimately the chain was saved thanks to the film and music industries.

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45.PS4 is 50% more powerful than Xbox 720 – INTERNET EXPLODES

Originally the PS4 was rumoured to be 33 times more powerful than Microsoft’s new hardware. Eventually it turned out that Sony’s console was 50 per cent more powerful.

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44.ANALYSIS: Sony gets its swagger back with PS4

It’s undeniable that Sony has had a rather good year with the PlayStation 4, and has without a doubt recovered from the struggly that was PS3.

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43.Pre-owned games block on PS4 is "a publisher decision"

Rumors were flying prior to the announcement of the next-gen machines about publishers blocking pre-owned games. This never happened, thankfully.

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42.The PlayStation 4 reveal – WATCH IT HERE

The world was desperate to see what Sony would conjure up for the next-gen.

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41.Ubisoft dismisses Watch Dogs vs GTA V battle

The French publisher said it was confident that Watch Dogs would stand apart from Grand Theft Auto V, even though the titles were coming out very close. Ultimately, Watch Dogs was delayed.

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