Lunar Software may reconsider virtual reality integration closer to release

Motion sickness forces developer to drop VR support

The developer behind upcoming VR game Routine has been forced to drop Oculus Rift support for the title due to motion sickness.

The team at Lunar Software said in a community update that work on virtual reality integrationcould be revived closer to release, but would be slowed in the meantime whlie the studio focused on finishing the game without it.

“We are all extremely excited about VR because we believe it brings unparalleled immersion and that is something we would love to be a part of,” said project lead Aaron Foster.

“However at the moment we have had to slow down our VR integration as we all get extremely motion sick with the current kits. We will take another look at implementing VR closer to release but for now we can’t fully commit to a VR version of Routine.”

Simulator sickness has been a key challenge for virtual reality developers to overcome on all VR headsets, including the Rift.

Oculus’ best practices guide details various ways developers can lessen or completely curb the effects of motion sickness. Examples include advising against using zoom effects, head bopping camera effects and Euler angles whenever possible.

You can read more details about motion sickness in VR and how potential methods of avoiding it here.

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