Move has exceeded Sonys expectations

The boss of SCEA’s Latin America division has said that PlayStation Move has exceeded the company’s expectations and that it’s struggling to keep up with demand in some key regions.

Calling Move ‘a tremendous success’, Latin America general manager Mark Stanley told Industry Gamers: We’re actually continuing to catch up on filling the pipeline with product, as we are in the US and worldwide because demand has greatly exceeded our expectations.

So far, we still don’t have enough to supply the [Latin American] region and we’re hoping to catch up, so triple-A success for us in the region.

Something as simple as Move is easily communicated, easily captivated by the region. The difference is we’ve been able very much to define the difference between Move and Wii and Kinect, which has helped us quite a bit."

We’re yet to receive any concrete sales numbers for Move, which has now launched in most global games markets since it first arrived in the UK in September. Sony had previously claimed sales of 1.5m units in Europe and 1m in the US, though the company later stated that in fact the numbers related to units shipped rather than units sold.

Microsoft, in contrast, yesterday claimed that it has sold 1m Kinect sensors since the device went on sale just ten days ago in the US and just under one week ago in the UK.

However, while Kinect is an easy-to-track single unit sales, Move is more complicated. With a number of SKUs available including the Starter Pack, solus Move controller, Nav controller and PSEye it will always be trickier for Sony to compile definitive numbers.

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