Move pricing could confuse customers

Customers may be left baffled by both the range of accessories needed for the full PlayStation Move experience and the variation of compatibility between titles, according to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter.

Sony’s PlayStation Move comprises three separate components – the Move Controller, the Navigation Sub-Controller and the PlayStation Eye. Some games will require just the Eye, some the Eye and the Move and some all three.

Add in multiplayer titles to that and the combinations become more confusing – and the cost more intimidating.

We think that the pricing has the potential to confuse consumers,” Pachter warned. In order to be safe, consumers wishing to participate in the Move experience will have to purchase the Eye, two Move controllers and the Navigation controller, plus a game.

If purchased as part of a bundle, the all-in cost to play with Move will approach $180, which we think is beyond the reach of the typical household. We think that Sony’s Move is truly impressive, but remain concerned that initial sales could disappoint.”

You can read Michael Pachter’s full E3 2010 analysis here.

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