MS aware of Halo Reach disc issues

Microsoft has stated that it is looking to address problems with some copies of Halo Reach that are preventing some gamers from playing the game.

A number of consumers have claimed that their Xbox 360 consoles are unable to read the game disc. An isolated report on Maxconsole even went as far to suggest that some retailers were seeing lines of customers queuing to get their games replaced.

We are aware of the issue and are quickly working to resolve it,” a Microsoft spokesperson told MCV.

In addition, it has also emerged that those who do not have a hard drive attached to their Xbox 360 – such as people who purchased the recently released Xbox 360 S 4GB – are unable to play the game online.

For the time being an HDD is required for some of the title’s online components, though Microsoft says that a fix is on the way that will eradicate the problem.

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