MS: Core Kinect games won’t be contrived

In an interview with MCV, the EMEA VP of Xbox Chris Lewis has said that Kinect implementation in core Xbox 360 games will not happen simply for the sake of it.

Earlier this month Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer said that he envisages that all first-party Xbox games will in future support the motion camera.

Crucially, however, Microsoft insists that this has not been made a mandatory development requirement.

"We were deliberate about the fact that the first Kinect experiences were focused on the family and younger audiences, with Adventures, Kinectimals and Sports," Lewis told MCV.

"We were deliberate in our strategy to bring those experiences first. But we have said over the last few E3s that we will bring complementary and integrated Kinect experiences to core games

"What you won’t see is us contriving that. What you will see is us using Kinect to enhance the experience and not detract from it. I don’t think our core gamers will tolerate anything else from us."

To read the full interview with Lewis, click here.

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