MS predicts 3m+ Kinect sales this Q4

Xbox 360 motion camera Kinect will sell over 3m units this holiday period following its launch this November, platform holder Microsoft has claimed.

Our estimates that we will sell in excess of 3m units this holiday,” Microsoft Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg told Gamasutra.

Our key indicators are feedback from retailers—I think you’d be surprised at how sophisticated they are, and they really have the pulse of the market.”

They’re looking at pre-orders, they’re talking to customers. We’re also done our own research. We believe this will be the biggest launch in our history, for Xbox. We will sell more Kinect sensors than we did Xbox 360 at launch.”

Greenberg also added that despite this new thrust into the motion market, Microsoft’s focus will remain very much on joypad-based gaming.

As a platform all-up, I think you’ll continue to see the majority of titles controller-based,” he added. The core of our business is blockbuster games, and that will not change. We see this as additive.”

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