MTV making Natal title

Though the noise about Natal continues to increase, concrete details concerning the range of titles expected for launch remain under wraps – but the first hints of what we might be able to expect emerged from a London-based press event last night.

SiliconRepublic reports that a Microsoft rep confirmed a number of publishers who are currently developing titles for Natal – including MTV Games.

We’re actually really not sure what games will be available yet. EA, Ubisoft, MTV Games and our other major software partners have had the technology since June so it will be really interesting to see what they come up with.”

Though MTV Games has a number of titles under its belt (such as 2007’s Jackass: The Game), Rock Band is its only self-made – and arguably high-profile – title. It’s not inconceivable that the company is working on a new IP, but the odds on a Natal-based Rock Band must now have been significantly cut.

As for EA and Ubisoft, both have a number of motion-orientated IP in their stable, be it the likes of Boom Blox, Tiger Woods, Raving Rabbids or Red Steel.

Both also, of course, have a huge number of popular core IPs to play with. And considering Microsoft’s assurances that Natal will not only be for the casual audience, it will be interesting to see what eventually emerges.

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