LONDON FOCUS: Today Develop looks at SCE London Studio and Partnertrans

Multicultural UK capital ‘perfect for game development’

As part of Develop’s week-long focus on what London offers to developers and the supporting industries, today’s double-profile looks at Sony’s presence in the city and localisation experts Partnertrans.

SCE London Studio Mike Haigh, development director has an interesting perspective on the gains to be reaped running a studio in the heart of London: “With the unique cross-cultural nature of our creative industries – games, film, television, music, art and fashion – and with the fast-paced London lifestyle, the capital is pulling in world-class talent, not only within the UK, but from other thriving global cities as well.”

Meanwhile, German localisation specialist Partnertrans has just opened its first international office in the UK, which offers a very specific advantage.

“The very nature of our business demands a highly diverse team of people to work together, so in a demographic sense London very much stands for how our team is set up,” revealed the company’s Iris Ludolf.

To read the full feature on both Partnertrans and SCE London Studio, click here.

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