MvC3 hoping to match SFIV sales

Just a few years ago people were predicting the death of the 2D fighting game – now Capcom hopes to build on the success of last year’s Street Fighter IV by bettering it at retail with next year’s Marvel vs Capcom 3.

MvC3 has a more broadly appealing/recognizable brand with the inclusion of Marvel, a more accessible but still deep fighting system that’s fun for casual players,” Capcom USA’s VP of strategic planning and business development Christian Svensson told EventHubs.

It’s only helped by the fact that it has been by far, our most requested sequel title in my tenure here at Capcom. And we’ll be supporting it with marketing at least as aggressive if not more so than we did with Street Fighter 4 to ensure everyone knows that it’s coming.

All of these factors lead me to believe that it will be at least as successful as SF4 from a sales perspective.”

Marvel vs Capcom 2 remains the publisher’s best selling digital title, and Svensson thinks that over time the game could even pass Street Fighter IV in terms of overall units sold.

There’s also fresh hope that we could one day see a Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat title.

There are other hurdles beyond licensing and financial in these sorts of things,” he added. Having been a VP at Midway, [Mortal kombat] still holds a special place in my heart.”

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