MW2 DLC could make $140m

As well as rapidly easing past the half-billion dollar revenue milestone just days after its global release earlier this month, Broadpoint AmTech analyst Ben Schachter has predicted that Activision could generate as much as $140m in revenue from its upcoming Modern Warfare 2 digital content.

Furthermore, Infinity Ward’s community man Robert Bowling has confirmed via Twitter that the first of that DLC should be with us in the spring.

Call of Duty DLC can be a solidcontributor for Activision,” Schachter told IndustryGamers. As with the last two COD titles, the game itselfshould maintain its $60 launch price until the next iteration, but Activision will also benefit significantly from thehigh-margin DLC potential enabled by the packaged product’s success.

Weestimate that Activision will generate at least $100m-$140m in gross revenue fromCall of Duty DLC in 2010. After paying the platform holders an estimated 30 per cent, thisshould generate roughly $59m-$85m.”

If true, this would be a remarkable step up from the digital success Activision enjoyed with last year’s Call of Duty: World at War, which made an estimated $45m from its post-release digital content.

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