EA studio responds to criticism; develops online staff roll for both Warhammer and previous projects

Mythic moves to credit workers past and present

EA Mythic, which recently came under fire for not crediting all of its past employees on the recently-released Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, has revealed a new crediting policy to recognise the efforts of all previous staff via an online listing.

Writing on his blog, EA Mythic GM Mark Jacobs wrote: "I’m not denying that our policy was as it was, I explained the reasons behind it in various interviews and we are still reserving in-game credits for the launch team as an extra way of saying thank you to them. However, we’ve also expanded the policy because it is a nice thing to do."

Mythic had been the target of a rallying call by IGDA chairperson Jennifer MacLean in August newsletter, which said that Mythic’s decision "misleads both comsumers and game industry peers." After Jacobs revealed that the Mythic policy was already under consideration when the comment was written, MacLean made a public apology for the comment.

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